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Located in and out of London, UK, I take photos as a passion and business.

Comfortable with portraits, weddings, concerts or sports events, open to individual projects.

What I can do:

  • take photos where you look good or even better.

  • Manage the session to feel relaxed enough to take those good photos.

  • Talk through the steps ahead to prepare accordingly for your project. Embrace the unknown and rule out the known pitfalls of a wedding or any other sessions.

  • Give my full attention to your project. Once I sign up for a job, it will be done, with care. 

  • Be open to your ideas and incorporate them into the final shots (for work underwater or in space, please look for other fellows).

  • Give you a down-to-earth price, transparency throughout the session and the JPEGs you will like.

What I cannot do: 

  • Go back in time, and take shots that never happened. However, post-processing is on the right way.

  • Be in two places at the same time. I tried using one camera for each eye, it did not work out well.

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